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Honda Leads the Way to a Sustainable Future

Honda is a champion and pioneer when it comes to the development of sustainable vehicles. This is because Honda values the landscapes in which we live our lives and wants to hand down our beautiful earth to the next generation. This commitment to our community and sustainability goes from the top of the Honda hierarchy right down to the local level, resulting in pioneering development from our engineers and local charity initiatives.

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Get a Great Deal with Finance Options from Collins Honda

Thinking about purchasing a new Honda jazz, civic or HR-V? Buying a new car is a big decision and one that very rarely comes cheaply. As a savvy buyer, you’re sure to do all the right homework, comparing different models and brands until you find the perfect fit for you. Part of that process should also include thinking about finance. Some people can certainly afford to make an upfront purchase, but for others, it’s not as simple. Fortunately, there are a variety of financing options available for newly purchased cars.

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Storage Capacity – Which Honda is Right for You?

The level of storage you’ll need in your Honda will depend greatly on what kind of lifestyle you lead. Living in Sydney’s CBD with no kids? The smaller options may be better for you. If you do have children and need to do family shopping or intend to go camping, you might require the extra space of an SUV or people mover. Here at Collins Honda, we want to help you find the right Honda for your lifestyle so we’re explaining the storage features of some of our popular models!

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Regular versus Premium Petrol for Your Honda

While many motorists just head to the pump and go for the regular unleaded, this isn’t necessarily the best choice for their vehicle. By the same token, depending on what type of car you’re driving and what you’re hoping to get out of it, it might be a matter of diminishing returns when you upgrade your fuel quality. Premium fuels also put more of a dent in your wallet.

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Stress Free Driving with the Kids - Follow Our Tips

While we at Collins Honda think driving should always be a pleasure, we do admit that it can be stressful at times, especially if you have young kids in the backseat. You’re on your way to a relaxing holiday, after weeks on end of the daily grind and all you’re thinking about is that beach getaway, but first you have to contend with your kids getting fidgety in the back. Perhaps it’s dealing with some backseat fighting between siblings while you drop them off to school on your way to work.

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2018 Honda Civic Hatchback Makes its Debut

Honda has always been ahead of the pack with their combination of style, power, in-car technology and safety. The new 2018 Honda Civic Hatchback continues this trend, pushing the frontiers of excellence in all aspects of vehicle performance. We here at Collins Honda are excited to give you the lowdown on its key features.

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Digital Technologies in Your Honda – Everything You Need to Know

It’s not simply the superior driving experience that keeps Honda customers coming back, it’s the way that the experience is extended to encompass everything a driver needs while on the road.

Driving for many of us is much more than a simple trip from A to B. There are so many things to keep track of as we go about our daily tasks – driving to work; dropping the kids to school; running errands – that Honda has realised the necessity of integrating technologies into their cars that can allow you to effectively organise and navigate in a way that is both efficient and safe for drivers and passengers.

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Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year! This is the new Year of the Dog, and this time of year is not only great fun, but it’s also a good time to get all the special deals available for new cars. If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to finally get yourself a new car, now is definitely the lucky time to consider your choices.

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Engine Excellence – What Keeps Honda Engines on Top

While many might regard Honda as simply a ‘car and motorcycle company’, we are an ‘engine company’ above all. Honda’s cutting-edge engines have always kept the company ahead of the curb by satisfying all manner of tastes when it comes to engine performance. Whether drivers are after a fuel-sipping, economical engine or they want a powerful performance – Honda is at the top of the game at both ends.

A unique trait of Honda is our ability to combine a taste for engine power with a high level of fuel efficiency – regardless of the model of car. The little cars have more ‘zip’ than other brands, and the larger ones are more fuel efficient than their competitors.

Collins Honda is passionate about engines, so we are here to tell you just some of the ways Honda stays on top of the engine game.

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Why Buy a Used Honda at Collins Honda?

Buying a used car offers different benefits and risks depending on what you’re looking for and your individual circumstances. There are a number of considerations that go into buying a used car – that’s why you need the most straightforward and honest advice you can get when making a decision that affects your personal, professional and financial life.

That’s where the team at Collins Honda comes in! Choosing to buy a Honda is a great decision in the first place and there is no better place to buy one than at Collins Honda. What’s so great about our business? Let us tell you how we can provide the best service for your individual needs.

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