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To make your next road trip a memorable occasion for all the right reasons, follow these tips to get the most out of your time away.

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

The first thing to plan should, of course, be your destination. From there, you can work out which roads will take you there, and if you have a choice, which ones you want to drive on. This is the fun part, because you can research all the things you want to see on your way to where you’re going. Depending on your travel companions, allow enough time to have regular breaks from driving for toilets and leg stretching and a good look at the attraction you’re currently at. If you’ve booked accommodation for each night, remember to factor in your stops so you won’t arrive too late to check in.

Road Safety First

Consider the vehicle you’ll be travelling in. Is it safe, comfortable, roomy enough for your passengers and gear, and fuel efficient? If you’re driving a long distance, get your mechanic to check the car just to make sure there are no problems that could be avoided.

Pack Everything you Need and Some Things You Don’t

Make a list of everything you’ll need for the entire trip and don’t forget things you’ll need when you stop for the night. If you’re travelling with children, remember all the things they’ll want to have with them and pack a few little surprises you can pull out to increase excitement – many times it’s the little things that make all the difference. You should also be prepared for the unexpected with a first aid kit, snacks and drinks, toilet paper, and something to clean yourself and your travelling companions, especially children, and any spills or messes in the car.

On Road Entertainment

When you’re travelling with other adults, the on-road entertainment could be as simple as music, conversation, or even listening to the sound of the engine as you make your way down the road. If you’re travelling with children, it gets more complicated. Pack a variety of things to keep them busy and add a couple of hours onto the time you tell them it’ll take to get there. They’ll be happy little campers when they arrive earlier. Consider age appropriate audio books, with or without headphones. Time flies when you’re engrossed in a good story.

Set Off on Your Road Trip with Collins Honda in Sydney

The Collins Honda team are a family owned and operated business so we understand the importance of planning your holiday road trip so everyone has a great time. Located in Rockdale, the team here at Collins Honda boast the best range of used Hondas in the greater Sydney area. Book in for a test drive or register your interest today. Visit the Rockford showroom, call us on (02) 9599 4888 or get in touch online to discuss your needs. Book in for a test drive or register your interest today. Visit the Rockford showroom, call us on 02 9199 0776 or get in touch online to discuss your needs.