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Buying a Used Car - Why People Always Recommend a Honda

If you’re in the market for a quality used car and have solicited advice from friends and family, you may have had a lot of recommendations for used Honda vehicles. What is it about Honda cars that have led to them being held in such high esteem for buyers of used cars?

Reliability Advantage

Honda comes so highly recommended because of their perceived reliability over rivals. In studies carried out by J.D. Power and Consumer Reports, Honda scores well as a highly reliable vehicle that is long lasting and capable of lasting well over 400,000km, while still operating perfectly. You can even find used Honda Civics listed for sale in some places that have clocked over 570,000km.

Whether by choice or necessity, consumers are holding onto cars for longer than before, with the average age of a vehicle on the road sitting at around 10 years. Drivers who’ve had their Hondas beyond the manufacturer’s warranty feel they can have greater peace of mind of their car’s dependability as long as they are well maintained.


Many car owners go for used Hondas because they are familiar. As Hondas grew in popularity throughout the 70’s and 80’s in Australia, many consumers developed loyalty to the brand and remain satisfied customers decades later.

These drivers continue purchasing used Hondas and recommending them to people they know. Honda has a reputation for consistently delivering quality vehicles that are practical, easy to drive and cheap to use and maintain.

Other Reasons to Buy Used

There are many reasons on top of this to buy a used Honda, such as:

  • Cost-A pre-owned vehicle is always more affordable than a brand-new car. Rather than buying a newer basic model car, you can buy a higher spec used model and access better features than if you bought new.
  • Value- Cars begin to depreciate the minute you drive them from the dealership, with new cars experiencing the sharpest loss in value. A used car retains its value for longer relative to the purchase price.
  • Insurance- Since used vehicles have a lower cost, they are also cheaper to insure. You also don’t need as much coverage overall if you are not as worried about keeping your car in pristine condition.

Get the Best Deal at Collins Honda in Sydney

When it comes to peace of mind, there’s no better place to buy a used Honda than at a licensed Honda car dealer. Our expert technicians test all our used cars, using their specific expertise about unique Honda vehicles to make sure your car is in top shape.

Located in Banksia, the team here at Collins Honda boast the best range of used Hondas in the greater Sydney area. Book in for a test drive or register your interest today. Visit the Rockford showroom, call us on (02) 9599 4888 or get in touch online to discuss your needs.