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Digging Deeper into the New Vehicle Warranty at Collins Honda

A warranty is given to new vehicles as a type of guarantee. Although your vehicle has been checked in thorough detail and professionally prepared, the manufacturer or dealer will offer a warranty as a precaution. This ensures that it is covered for any unexpected occurrences within the warranty period.

The warranty is designed to safeguard you, allowing you confidence and comfort when you're buying a new car. A warranty is designed to assure you that this investment will not be followed by any surprise, out-of-pocket expenses and is sure to meet the highest standards of operation.

It is important to realise that not all warranties are created equal. You should investigate the warranty’s fine print in regards to each supplier and manufacturer as not all will be the same. You don't want nasty surprises should you encounter the worst case scenario.

Benefits of a Collins Honda New Vehicle Warranty

Shouldn't you be able to enjoy your new car by getting it out of the garage and taking it for long journeys? We think so, too. Many new vehicle owners are paranoid about taking their car out as they fear that it will accumulate too many kilometres or risk a bump.

Thankfully, Collins Honda offers a 5-year unlimited kilometre warranty on all of their new vehicles, offered as a standard bonus. With an unlimited kilometre warranty, there is no need to worry. Park your hesitations, get in the driver's seat and take your new car for a spin.

What is Included in the Collins Honda New Vehicle Warranty?

Let's take a look at the perks, in more detail.

  • 5-year unlimited kilometre warranty: Honda warrants each new motor vehicle, except those used for a commercial purpose, for 5 years with unlimited kilometres. You are covered for 5 years. No matter how many kilometres you rack up.
  • 6-Year protection against rust perforation: Essentially, Honda warrants the body panels of each new motor vehicle covered by this Honda warranty against rust perforation for a period of 6 years.
  • Warranty backed 100% by Honda: No matter what, Honda agrees to uphold this warranty across all Honda car dealers for its entire duration.
  • Transferable at no cost: If you sell your new car within the warranty period, the warranty can be transferred to the new owner without incurring extra costs. They simply complete the subsequent, registered owner form and submit it to Honda Australia Pty. Ltd.

You can learn more about the Collins Honda New Vehicle Warranty via the full terms and conditions here.

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