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Engine Excellence – What Keeps Honda Engines on Top

While many might regard Honda as simply a ‘car and motorcycle company’, we are an ‘engine company’ above all. Honda’s cutting-edge engines have always kept the company ahead of the curb by satisfying all manner of tastes when it comes to engine performance. Whether drivers are after a fuel-sipping, economical engine or they want a powerful performance – Honda is at the top of the game at both ends.

A unique trait of Honda is our ability to combine a taste for engine power with a high level of fuel efficiency – regardless of the model of car. The little cars have more ‘zip’ than other brands, and the larger ones are more fuel efficient than their competitors.

Collins Honda is passionate about engines, so we are here to tell you just some of the ways Honda stays on top of the engine game.

Honda’s VTEC Technology

One of the keys to Honda’s success has been their unique Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (‘VTEC’) engines. That sounds like a mouthful, so let’s break it down to show why Honda’s VTEC engines are so important to their success.

VTEC engines are a modification on traditional ‘four-stroke combustion engines’. The four strokes refer to how fuel and air are taken into the engine and exploded to create power, and the exhaust then goes out the other end. The four strokes are (1) Intake; (2) Compression; (3) Power; and (4) Exhaust. Make sense? These combustion engines work with rotating lobes that simultaneously exert pressure into one valve while releasing pressure in another. The engine ‘breathes’ as fuel and air are drawn into one valve while exhaust is pumped out another valve.

Without getting bogged down in the details, the essential thing about the VTEC system is that the ‘breathing’ of the engine is optimised depending on how fast the rotating lobes are going (the revolutions per minute or ‘rpm’).

This means at low rpm, the driver gets much more fuel efficiency and then far more power at higher rpm. However, the shifting ability of the VTEC system means that more power and more efficiency are achieved at each end anyway – more bang for your buck as well as more power in the engine.

This system was developed by Honda alone and separates their cars from the rest of the pack.

Quality Comes First

When you have high-performance engines, so much comes down to the quality of the parts used. Things like the quality of the metal, how the metal is forged together and the insertion of friction-reducing materials make Honda’s parts unique and keep the engines running powerfully, smoothly and seamlessly. That’s why it’s best to always replace engine parts with genuine Honda replacements.

New Developments in Honda Engine Technology

Honda’s NSX Engine was voted ‘Best Newcomer’ at the 2017 International Engine of the Year Awards. This petrol-electric engine is a ‘hybrid’ vehicle that integrates the electricity and petrol consuming elements of the engine to get optimization of both. This is a powerful V6 engine, but it won the prize on criteria not only for performance but for noise, driveability, fuel economy and smoothness. Honda continues to push the limits of engine excellence. Keep up to date with the latest Honda news, or come talk to one of our experts at Collins Honda about optimising your car’s engine performance!