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Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year! This is the new Year of the Dog, and this time of year is not only great fun, but it’s also a good time to get all the special deals available for new cars. If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to finally get yourself a new car, now is definitely the lucky time to consider your choices.

The Secret to Buying A New Honda at This Time of Year

This time of year is truly the time to really get your money’s worth on a new car. Last year’s stock and the latest models are on the market at fantastic deal prices, so don’t miss your opportunity to save some money and get a fabulous new car.

The easy way to find your car is to do some basic homework. If you’re looking for a new Honda, for example you might:

  1. Find a specialist Honda dealer. Your Honda dealer is an instant solution for all things Honda and will have the latest models direct from Honda. Your Honda dealer will also be able to help find the perfect car for you and help you to decide which is right for your needs.
  2. You also need a Honda service centre which can offer you all the services and authentic parts you need. This is best practice for car owners and ensures top quality service.
  3. Talk to your Honda dealer about the new cars, new onboard systems, custom options, and, basically, everything you want. These dealers can do wonders, so you won’t be wasting your time.
  4. Ask about special deals. Honda is famous for good prices, and every so often, usually at this time of year, you’ll find real bargains, even on the very latest cars.

Choosing Your New Honda

The first thing you’ll notice about trying to choose a new Honda is that you have so many choices! All the famous Hondas, like the Jazz, Accord, Civic, City, Odyssey, and CR-V current models give you a real smorgasbord from which to choose.

Did you know?

  • You can book a test drive to try out your new Honda, see all the new systems, and really compare your choices.
  • New Hondas come with a range of unique features, like Magic Seats in the Jazz, which convert to storage space! Imagine how much easier shopping can be, with a special place to put everything!
  • All Hondas come with a range of high value systems, like the latest modern parking technologies, and much more.

Take your pick of power, size, and space across the entire Honda range. This big, beautiful range of cars includes the power and style of the City, the size and space of the CR-Vs and HR-Vs, and many features unique to Honda.

Enjoy a Chinese New Year shopping spree by buying a beautiful new Honda, at a good price, and drive your money a lot further on a truly superior modern car.

When You Want a Honda in Sydney, Talk to Collins Honda

Collins Honda is your Sydney specialist Honda dealer. We have all the very latest Hondas, and we offer a full range of services for Hondas. Ask us about finance, insurance, systems, custom options and more.