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The level of storage you’ll need in your Honda will depend greatly on what kind of lifestyle you lead. Living in Sydney’s CBD with no kids? The smaller options may be better for you. If you do have children and need to do family shopping or intend to go camping, you might require the extra space of an SUV or people mover. Here at Collins Honda, we want to help you find the right Honda for your lifestyle so we’re explaining the storage features of some of our popular models!

Passenger Vehicles

If you’re an inner-city kind of driver who still likes to have the odd getaway, then the Honda Jazz might be perfect for you. It has a convenient armrest console for the essentials and also features a surprising amount of storage space. The Jazz’s Magic Seats allows them to completely fold flat, turning the Jazz into a two-seater with an excellent amount of space in the back. If you’re a couple taking your bikes out for a ride, they should be able to fit in the back of the Jazz. There is ample room for the shopping, even with the back seats up. When the back seats are folded down the boot capacity goes from 363 litres to 881 litres.

The Honda City is designed for comfort in the big city, while not taking up too much space. It comfortably fits 5 adults and still has ample boot storage (around 536 litres). The Honda City has a host of smooth and impressive features for the city-dweller but lacks the brute storage capacity of the bigger cars or the storage variability of the Jazz. Still, it might be exactly right for your city life, so contact Collins Honda to have a look at one of our models.

Bigger Cars

The Honda All-New CR-V is an efficient, powerful, large car for those who want to turn everyday family outings and errands into family adventures. In addition to its power, elevated stature and spacious interior, it boasts 522 litres of boot storage capacity with the rear seats up and a massive 1084 litres when laid flat. This is a car for people who want the elegance of city driving but know they’ll be taking this car camping or fishing. The Honda Odyssey is a powerful people mover, perfect for a fishing trip. With 7 seats in it and ample room between each row, there’s plenty of space for fishing gear. Additionally, one row of seats can be completely folded away – perfect for families who often need to move a few extra people. Come explore the exciting Honda Odyssey today!

Speak to Collins Honda about Your Storage Needs!

Honda goes for flexibility and variability not just within their range of cars, but in the cars themselves. Flexible and dynamic people require flexible and dynamic cars. Pay us a visit or contact us today to find out which Honda is perfect for your lifestyle!