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5 Tips for Teaching Your Children to Drive

So your child has finally turned 16 and is itching to start driving. Should you teach them or should you leave it to a driving school?

Most parents do both for best results and a better chance of passing the first time, but those first few driving lessons can be nerve wracking for everyone involved.

In NSW, your child needs a supervising driver for 120 hours in a variety of different driving conditions, and that job almost always falls to a parent.

Once your child has a learner’s permit, follow these tips to preserve your peace of mind and the relationship with your child while they learn to drive.

Patience is a Virtue

Always remember that you were once a learner driver and your parents had to teach you.

Even the most patient and caring parent can be soon be at their wits end, but keep in mind that we all have to start somewhere and it will get better.

Vehicle Preparation

Check your insurance policy to make sure your child is covered while you’re teaching them to drive. Most insurance companies do provide cover in such cases, but it’s better to know before your child gets behind the wheel.

You should also ensure the vehicle you’re using is well maintained with good tyres for extra safety.

Do You Know the Road Rules?

It’s a good idea to study the road rules with your child when they’re preparing to get their learner’s permit.

Just because you’ve been driving for years doesn’t mean you automatically remember or know every rule, and you can’t properly teach your child without good knowledge of the proper, and courteous, way to drive.

Before you Start the Engine

Before you even leave the driveway, make sure your teen knows how everything works in the car.

Driving down the highway is not the time to find out your child doesn’t know where the indicators or wipers are. Your child will have more confidence if they know what everything does before they take to the road.

Hit the Road

Once your child has some confidence and seems to know what they’re doing, make sure to try different road and weather conditions to expose them to a bit of everything, including wet weather, night driving, school zones, city driving, and unsealed roads.

Be consistent and make sure you complete all 120 hours. This is your only chance to instil good driving habits into your child.

Pay for professional lessons with a driving school either before you start teaching them if your child is particularly nervous, or once your child is a competent driver and needs to learn things like reverse parking.

A driving instructor can give professional advice and help your child prepare to get their licence.

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