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Collins Honda

Buying a used car offers different benefits and risks depending on what you’re looking for and your individual circumstances. There are a number of considerations that go into buying a used car – that’s why you need the most straightforward and honest advice you can get when making a decision that affects your personal, professional and financial life.

That’s where the team at Collins Honda comes in! Choosing to buy a Honda is a great decision in the first place and there is no better place to buy one than at Collins Honda. What’s so great about our business? Let us tell you how we can provide the best service for your individual needs.

Collins Honda Is Your Local Honda Specialist

Located in Rockdale, the team here at Collins Honda boast the best range of used Hondas in the greater Sydney area. Hondas are terrific machines, and we are knowledgeable and passionate about the cars we sell.

Going to a licensed Honda dealer rather than a general used-car outlet makes sense because we understand Hondas better than anyone else. All of our used cars are tested by expert technicians, who bring expertise and knowledge to the unique Honda brand.

It’s not just the Honda brand you’re dealing with. Collins Honda is a family owned and operated car dealer, meaning we have the kind of local knowledge and understanding to fit the best vehicle to each of our customers.

By choosing Collins Honda, you get the benefits of an international brand combined with the local touch of a community-engaged auto dealer.

Friendly and Professional Customer Service

We believe in upholding our reputation for accurate, professional and friendly customer service – both before and after the sale. Not only will we be able to offer you the best range of options to consider, we will give you accurate appraisals of repairs and keep you abreast of important developments on maintaining your Honda after purchase. We respond immediately to customer enquiries and will operate as your first port of call for all things Honda.

We provide a range of services and we deal in genuine Honda parts when performing repairs, meaning they are covered by warranty and meet the standard of excellence that befits Honda cars.

Financing for Used Hondas

Purchasing a used car is still a significant investment. That’s why we have a range of tailored financing solutions that help individuals or businesses find the best financial fit for their used car purchase.

Collins Honda has partnered with St. George Bank to provide quick and easy car financing. The range and flexibility of our arrangements mean we approve 95% of finance applications – because we can find the best financing model for each of our customers to get them on the road in their exciting Honda!

Make an Enquiry Today!

The team here at Collins Honda combine the trustworthiness of a global brand with the local knowledge and initiative to respond to the needs of our unique customers. There is no better place to buy a used Honda than Collins Honda. Contact us online or by calling 02 9599 4888 and get on the road! contact us on 02 9199 0776 to discuss your needs.