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6 Honda Car Servicing Myths - Busted!

There is so much misinformation about Honda car servicing out there that it can become difficult to know exactly what’s best for your car and its servicing needs.

At Collins Honda, we want what’s best for your vehicle, so we’re here to ‘bust’ any myths you may have heard on the grapevine or untangle any advice that your ‘aunt’s best friend’s brother’s mate’ may have given you, and help set the record straight!

New Honda vehicles must be serviced at the dealership you originally purchased the car

When you first buy a new Honda car, you’re often made to feel that you must continue to bring your vehicle to that same dealership for all its servicing requirements. This is not actually the case! As long as you service your car at a Honda-approved dealership, your warranty will not be voided.

Honda-approved dealerships earn this status as they follow specific servicing guidelines set out by Honda and only use genuine Honda parts. These dealerships are trusted by Honda, making them the right place to start when looking for a dealer to service your car.

Genuine Honda servicing is more expensive

DurinThis is a big one. The idea that genuine car parts are always more expensive than off-brand ones is a common misconception.

At Collins Honda, we conducted a customer survey to find out more about price comparisons our clients have done between us and 3rd party ‘grey market’ servicing. The results found that ‘alternative’ dealerships are not always cheaper than those certified by Honda.

It’s also important to consider the quality of service that you’re paying for. Taking your Honda to a dealership where genuine parts are readily available and there are technicians who fully understand Honda technology offers you a peace of mind that 3rd party dealers cannot, even if they are at a similar or lower price point.

3rd party car servicing is the same as Honda car servicing

Following on from the above, irrespective of price point, 3rd party car servicing is not the same as genuine Honda car servicing. There are three main aspects that set Honda car servicing apart from generic providers: their people, technology and process.

People: Honda dealership mechanics have in-depth, Honda-specific knowledge and come with a wide breadth of Honda-specific skills and experiences. This is not only thanks to their years working with Honda cars, but also because Honda requires its people to maintain stringent mechanical qualifications. Honda technicians also often have direct relationships within Honda Australia, and can filter queries through their network, if escalation is required.

Technology:The technology used to service vehicles at Honda dealerships is also Honda-approved and certified. These tools are specifically designed to integrate with the technology in the cars and are therefore able to diagnose and solve any issues more efficiently.

Process:Honda dealerships are required to follow Honda’s servicing guidelines and are regularly tested by Honda Australia for quality control. The same cannot be guaranteed when it comes to generic service providers.

Dealerships are interested in selling you a new car

To tackle this myth, we’re going to give you a little ‘peek behind the dealership curtain’.

It’s required by Honda Australia that servicing and new cars are handled by separate departments. Even the personnel who manage the teams have different, and individual, KPIs.

Dealerships treat car sales and servicing as completely separate businesses, so you can be sure that if you’re taking your car in for a service, the focus is on having your car back to you spick and span!

Every dealership carries similar levels of stock

How many times have you had a dealer tell you they’ll have to ‘order in a part’ and that it could take ‘a couple of weeks’?

Not all dealerships keep the same levels of stock on-hand. In fact, you’ll often find many are understocked. This especially applies to 3rd party dealers - servicing a range of car makes and models decreases demand consistency and discourages them from having genuine stock ready to go. This makes for delays in servicing and inconvenience for you.

As one of the largest Honda dealerships in Australia, Collins Honda is consistently well-stocked with genuine parts in order to meet our servicing demands.

Resale value is the same regardless of where you service your car

When it comes to trade-ins, dealerships like us and auto traders have a similar approach.

We weigh our decision to buy a used Honda heavily on whether the vehicle’s logbook servicing is up to scratch. What we mean by that is: we look for cars that have been serviced regularly, and by authorised, reputable Honda dealerships.

The reasons for this have all been mentioned above. The most notable of these are:

  • 1) Genuine Honda parts go through rigorous testing before being released, are tailor-made for your vehicle and keep your warranty in-tact
  • 2) Honda-specialised technicians have an unrivalled understanding of what makes your vehicle ‘tick’, so a logbook service from an approved Honda dealership adds credibility to your car’s resale value

Resale value will be less impacted if your Honda has always stayed a genuine Honda.

Ultimately, the truth is that your Honda is always safest in the hands of Honda-approved dealerships using genuine Honda-made parts.

At Collins Honda, we have the people, technology and the process to ensure the best possible service for your vehicle. Contact us at Collins Honda to book your next service or give us a call on 02 9599 4888 today!