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What is the Difference Between the Honda CR-V & the Honda HR-V

You're looking for an SUV. Maybe you love the outdoors and need something that can handle going off-road, or you could be looking for something a little bigger for your growing family? Maybe it's a little of both!

No matter the reason, it's important to understand the options available to you when you're shopping for your new Honda. Honda has a few SUV models to suit your needs, but the important question is, what are the differences?

We often get asked about how the Honda CR-V and the Honda HR-V measure up against each other, so we've laid out some of the details to help you decide which one is right for you!


The Honda CR-V is a middle-sized car and more spacious than its counterpart. The CR-V also comes in both 5-seater and 7-seater models, so the world is your oyster when it comes to space! This added space means you're always riding and driving in complete comfort.

The Honda HR-V has a more compact design, but its style is a product of very clever engineering. Despite it being a 5-seater vehicle, the Honda HR-V has something called 'magic seats'. The car seats are designed in a way that allows for 18 different seating arrangements so that the vehicle can service all kinds of needs. The HR-V makes it a lot easier to get those cumbersome, awkwardly-shaped items from Bunnings, home!

Style & Usage

The Honda CR-V and Honda HR-V are great for different lifestyles and uses. The CR-V is more suited to being a family car. The extra seating and larger cabin and boot space are perfect for family adventures! The Honda CR-V has all the features of a larger, family car, while still maintaining a streamline and sleek design.

As we've said before, the Honda HR-V is more compact. The HR-V is still suitable for families (especially with its 'magic seat' set up), however, its style leans more towards that of a city car.

Smaller, while still spacious, it's easier to find city-parking for the Honda HR-V.

Engine Power

The Honda CR-V's engine is more powerful than the Honda HR-V's, in part due to its size as well as the intention behind its design.

On the other hand, the Honda HR-V has an incredibly efficient engine and a feature called 'ECON mode'. 'ECON mode', among other things, optimises the transmission and engine in order to conserve fuel, meaning you won't need to fill up the tank as often.


In terms of extra safety features, all ranges of CRV with 1.5L turbo engine have Honda SENSING technology. This technology includes a number of added safety sensors and warnings such as, Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and a Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS). The other models of Honda CR-V have standard safety features.

The Honda HR-V stands out from the crowd with its City-Brake Active System (CTBA). This system supports you with a laser sensor behind the rearview mirror that keeps an eye on vehicles ahead of you. If the sensor detects a potential collision, it will set off both audio and visual warnings. In scenarios of unavoidable collision, the system will apply hard braking and reduce your speed in order to minimise impact.


Across the board, the Honda CR-V has more features than the Honda HR-V, including (across most of the models) hands-free power tailgate. This allows you to open and close your boot with a kick of your foot when you've got your hands full!

The Honda CR-V also has wireless phone charging capabilities, where your phone can sit in the console and be charged directly by your car, cord-free!

Additionally, both the Honda CRV and Honda HRV have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto available - allowing you to connect to your compatible phone and access Directions, Appointments, Audible text messages and more. For the Honda CRV, from the middle range built-in GPS navigation is installed.

 If you're looking for a vehicle with more of the bells and whistles, check out the Honda CR-V models available.

Vehicle Cost

The Honda CR-V is, overall, priced a little higher than the Honda HR-V, however, both SUVs sit in the price bracket of between $30-50k, depending on the model.

The CR-V tends to sit at a slightly higher price point due to its larger size, extra features, and off-road capabilities. The Honda HR-V is considered more compact and eco-friendly, meaning it can be sold a little cheaper

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