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What’s So Great About Honda Cars?

The Australian car market is full of different manufacturers, appealing to different drivers and making claims about their overall appeal.

Honda Cars are one particular brand that stands heads and shoulders above the rest and has a proven track record.

Over the years Honda Cars has built a unrivaled reputation of reliability, durability, and performance. The brand has won countless awards for safety, innovation and resell value, not only internationally but right here in Australia, further details can be found here.

It has built such a loyal and solid customer base, who once they have experienced the quality of the brand, they do not look back.

You may ask yourself, is this just talk? Do they actually deliver? How do they compare to everyday wear and tear?

Let’s see how Honda Cars stacks up against these measures.

Honda Cars Are Reliable

One of the most important criteria when evaluating cars is reliability.

Reliable vehicles are ones that don't need frequent repairs and that last for many years if you take good care of them.

Honda Cars have an exceptional reputation for reliability; this can be traced back to their high engineering standards and top-notch manufacturing processes.

Honda Cars require its vehicle parts to fit more tightly than most automakers, ensuring they don't wear down as quickly from grinding against each other.

Additionally, as one of the largest engine makers in the world, it can rely on economies of scale for quality control.

Honda Cars are consistently ranked very high in terms of quality by Consumer Reports as well as a multitude of other independent consumer groups. This is evidenced by the high numbers of older Honda vehicles still running on the roads today.

Honda Cars Are Durable

When selecting a car you want to make sure it's durable, a vehicle that will not only get you from point A to point B, but that you can rely on each and every time in the long term. 

Durability is always one of the key attributes buyers look for when purchasing a car, and it's one of the areas where Honda Cars delivers more than other car brands.

Honda Cars are more durable vehicles than the majority of other auto manufacturers.

According to MojoMotors, the average Honda vehicle lasts 320,000 kilometres before becoming theoretically worthless. 

Hondas Cars are so durable that major car parts such as Honda engines and gearboxes are rare on the secondary market because they hardly ever require reconditioning.

Honda Cars: Unmatched Performance

Honda Cars  are not only reliable but are also proven performers.

Over the years, the company has developed a reputation for innovation and sporty, high-revving engines.

Honda’s outstanding performance can be seen through their involvement in Formula One, but also through their production of sleek sports cars such as the compact S600 sports car, Honda Integra Type R, Honda S2000, Honda NSX and Honda Civic Type R.

Honda Civic Type R. is current example of an affordable performance car  This is a front wheel drive vehicle capable of mixing it with and out-performing sports cars costing thousands more, while at the same time delivering a daily driving experience with few compromises in comfort or practicality.

To maximise your driving performance, the Honda Civic Type R also features LogR, Honda’s proprietary data logging app, that monitors, tracks and scores every trip you take. It gives you the option to track the vehicle systems in real-time including the engine temperature, gear position and even the atmospheric pressure.

Honda Car Maintenance & Repair Cost is Low

When assessing a car it’s important to factor in not only the initial purchase price but also the ongoing long-term cost of maintaining the car.

As we saw earlier Honda Cars are known for their reliability. Provided that you have them serviced regularly by a qualified Honda service technician: they can last for many years with minimal repairs.

You may ask yourself how do Hondas maintenance and repair costs stack up against other brands?

Honda Cars annual average repair costs are just $428, which is significantly lower when compared to other leading European car brands, and even lower than other Japanese or Korean car brands.

Severity ratings are used to measure the probability that a repair will be a major issue, the lower the rating the better. The severity rating for all Honda Car models is 10%, meaning that most Honda Cars needing repair have problems that aren’t urgent.

In addition, most of the issues are straightforward and affordable minor repairs.

In studies comparing both the initial cost to maintain a car over the first 10 years, and ongoing maintenance cost changes throughout the life of a car, Honda Cars are consistently among the most economical with regard to maintenance costs.

When selecting a car there are many factors to consider.

You need a car that is a proven performer, that you can rely on to be there in the long term, and offers an economical cost of maintenance.

Honda Cars more than deliver on each of these fronts.

They have high engineering standards and top-notch manufacturing processes resulting in unrivalled reliability.  They have a proven durability record, continuing to offer value over high range kilometres. While their average annual average repair costs are far lower than their competitors.

Overall, Honda Cars offer exceptional value for money.

Essentially, you get comparable reliability, luxury, durability and performance as other leading European car brands, but at much lower cost of total ownership.   

If you have any further questions or are ready to embark on your Honda Car journey, why not contact us today or view our New Honda Cars or view our latest stock here.